Chapter I Finished

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It was a drizzly day of February. Valentine’s Day. You
could feel the cold of the last winter still on the town. The streets were
covered with cold drizzle and it was almost impossible to walk them without
falling down. The town was on valentine holidays. Everybody was in the stores
buying candies for the people they cared about. It was a beautiful day to hang
out with your friends. Or perhaps someone more important to you.

The town was a chaos. Everybody was on the street,
locals and even visitors. It was the kind of day when you can found a lot of
people around. You could see girls going out of stores with really big
heart-shaped balloons. Also, boys with their skate boards walking around
looking for someone or something.

We entered at the coffee shop of the town all wet
because of the rain of the streets. That was my first "date" with
Kenia, (if you could call that a date). We spent all the afternoon talking
about music and movies. I felt like everyone around were staring at us and I
didn't know why. Maybe we were a weird couple. Just imagine a very cute girl
with such a weird guy like me. I thought I didn't deserve this kind of girl for
me. But I wasn't willing to leave her now that I finally had something with

Just when we were sited a really good looking guy came
straight to our table to take our orders.

“Hello, my name is Mark, are you ready to order?”

“Yes, I am” replied Kenya immediately. I felt how a
rush of jealousy started to fill my entire body. It was obvious he catch her attention.
I noticed how she looked distracted by him. I was unwilling to share her with a
guy like these. He was very handsome. It took me a lot to take her here and I
wasn't giving up just for a boy that she probably never going to see again.

“OK” he said taking a little notebook from his pocket.

She laughed. Oh my god and he was funny too. How I was
supposed to compete with that?

“I will take…” said Kenya looking on the menu “hum, I
think I will have a cappuccino”

He wrote it on his stupid little notebook.

“And for you” He turned to me with a sense of
unwillingness. Like a boy turning to his father when he was just been grounded.
Obviously he wasn't sharing her with me neither.

“A mocha cappuccino” I said looking straight at him
like if I wanted to get in a fight.

“OK” He looked strange at me. “I will be right back,

“Sure” She replied smiling. He started to walk away from
our table. "He is such a nice guy isn't he?"

"Yeah, I noticed." I probably sounded jealous
because she looked at me with some sort of strange looks that. Like if she just
didn't like the way I said it. I was almost sure she catched me up with that.

Suddenly Kenia's cell phone started to ring.

“Hello? “ She answered. A male voice started to sound
on her phone. It sounded awfully serious.

“I'm with Frank, dad" She said hoping to get a
positive answer from that. I heard the male voice again. "No dad, I asked
mom and she said it was okay.”

She made a pause as she looked at me worried, like if
she wanted me to help her. I stare back don't knowing what to do.

“Please dad it’s Valentine’s Day!" She begged her
father. I stared back to her. I didn't knew what to do.

Suddenly Kenia's expression changed to a smiling face.
"Yeah, dad. I love you. Bye.” She closed his cell phone.

“It was my dad; he wanted me to return home now.”

"Oh" I knew I sounded disappointed. “If you
want I can take you home".

"No, it’s okay I convinced him and he let me stay
for a while more"

"Oh. Great!" I said. My smile came out

"Yeah he is a little jealous about me…" Kenia
paused. Like she didn't wanted to continue. But she did. "Because I am an
only daughter".

"Oh. Really?" I said interested.

"Yes, I only have a brother. Not any
sisters." She started to play with her hair. “How would it be if I had an
older sister?” She said to herself.

"Maybe not so cool if she tried to steal the boys
from you. Don't you think?" I was trying to get something from that.

"Yeah probably" She didn't seem to

"And that's why he is so jealous about you when
you hang out with boys. Doesn't he?” I said interrupting her thoughts.

"Yes, he thinks that all my friends are just
careless boys who don't want to have something serious with me"

"But, you know I’m not that. Right?" I said

"Yes of course, I know you are just a great guy"
She said as she took a drink of her coffee.

“A little crazy bastard" Said joking. "But
you're still my favorite guy.” That last part of bastard sounded a little
offensive to me. But I didn't really care about it.

Kenia smiled at me with big brown eyes. I felt how our
eyes crossed for a second. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever
experimented. And then, an awkward minute just rise from nowhere.

"I wonder why they don't have Starbucks in the
town" I asked looking around. I wanted to break the thin layer of ice
between us.

"There is one in Colima" Said Kenya looking
around too.

"Yeah, but I don't imagine myself going over
every time I want a latte coffee, you know." I was trying to sound funny.
She laughed. Their moves make her almost drop her coffee.

We spent all the afternoon chatting about normal teen
issues: our grades in high school, TV programs, and music. The time went pretty
fast as I had been with her. It was almost 10 o'clock and she had to be home by
10:30. Time passed just so quickly when I was around her. And so slow when I
wanted to see her. We paid our drinks and head to the front door. A big wooden

The streets were pretty dark at that time. I was
afraid to let her walk home. I insisted to walk with her. She accepted almost immediately,
without any doubt. It looked like she was thinking the same as me.

"The moon is full tonight" I said looking to
the dark sky above us.

She looked at it too. "Wow. Actually it is!"
Her cheeks appeared too colored for me. Like if she felt embarrassed for
something. But maybe it was just the light. Maybe.

A black cat made his way in front of us. She made a
little funny jump away from it. I thought she was scared of the cat.

"Why did you do that? Kenia" I said. I was
not letting go such an opportunity to talk.

"I hate cats" She said


"Cuz they give you bad luck"

"I didn't know you were so superstitious"

"Why? Am I a weirdo if I think that?" She

"No, of course not" You are everything but a

"Do you believe in some kind of
superstition?" She asked as she jumped over a tree in the floor and almost

"I do hide my fingers every time I walk by a

"Oh I didn't know that one!" She had a
beautiful smile on her face. It still looked colored to me.

"Yeah, it’s pretty cool" I knew that was the
end of the conversation. Perhaps just for a while.

We head into a cementery drive. A very creepy one. One
I didn't remembered.

"Hide your thumbs between your fingers" I
whispered to her in the ear. I did to.

She closed her eyes and did just as I told her. When
we were away from the cementery she opened them again. She looked at me like if
she was my little girl.

"So tell me about your parents" I said
trying to avoid a speechless walk from now on. It was much more difficult for
me to walk with her without talking because I felt like I was been observed by her
somehow intimidating eyes.

"Ahm, they are like a normal couple I
guess." Then she narrowed her eyebrows as she looked at me. "Why so
interested in my parents?"

I was trying to be polite. "Just to break the
ice" I smiled.

We were already in her house. It was a beautiful house
thought. A white 2-floor house with one window on the front of the first floor
and two on the second. Thought the left one was the one on Kenia`s room.

She had her face looking down. Almost as if she didn't
want to noticed we were already home. I call her with a gesture of my hand on
her shoulder.

"Kenia, were here."

She raised her face and saw his house. She was as
disappointed as me, thought.

She just stood on the street in front of the
impressive house. She looked to the floor again. She didn't wanted to leave.

“Kenya” I call her quietly

“Yes?” She responded looking at me

“Can I" I hesitated as I get the guts to say it. “Kiss

“Why not.” She just said as she started to get closer
to me. I smelled her skin for the first time on that day. Her hair suddenly
touched my skin and tickled me. The most exciting tickles I've ever had.

Then our eyes closed, our mouths started to break the
distance between them. I couldn't imagine this was actually happening! The
thing that I always dreamt about was actually happening! I started to feel her
respiration on my face. Her lips were on mine. She had a flavored lip gloss. Strawberry, I thought.


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